Bernie Lee Interview

Don’t  Be Afraid to Try: A Quick Paint Portrait of Plein Air Artist, Bernie Lee

A permanent shoulder injury left Bernie unable to work after thirty years in the wine industry.  Bernie was searching for a new way to invest her time.  Soon after her injury, she began painting as a hobby.  Little did she know it would turn into a career.  Here is her story:

Hobby Turned Career…

Bernie started our painting landscapes and drawing custom home portraits.  She tells, “I had to keep myself busy.  I knew that when God closes a door, he opens a window.”  Her hobby has since evolved into a passion for creating lasting memories of places that people hold close to their heart.  Bernie recently started Art From Architecture in 2015.

2018 marks Bernie’s fourth year participating in Plein Air KC.  She recalls that at her first Plein Air KC, “I went to the opening reception, and there were all of these incredible artists showing work on their phones.  I told my husband, ‘These people are amazing,’ to which he jokingly replied, ‘I think you might be a little out of your league.'”

Bernie entered a Quick Paint competition on a whim.  She painted the Liberty Memorial with watercolors in a matter of 45 minutes.  To her surprise, her painting sold for $75 at the end of the week.

It can be hard to take the leap to do something out of your comfort zone, but we hope you will take the leap and join us for Plein Air KC!  Don’t miss your chance to tap into a new talent!  Register for Plein Air KC today! 

Check out Bernie’s work HERE!